Watch: Kylie Minogue performs with Nick Cave and Coldplay’s Chris Martin

Kylie Minogue took part in two special performances at Glastonbury

Pop singer Kylie Minogue performed at Glastonbury Festival in the UK, and was accompanied on the stage by Nick Cave and Coldplay’s Chris Martin.

For her set, she brought out Cave and the two performed their duet, “Where The Wild Roses Grow.” The song has only been performed by the pair a handful of times, so it was a pretty special occasion.

Minogue was booked to perform at Glastonbury back in 2005 but had to cancel due to a sudden breast cancer diagnosis. Since Minogue could not perform, Coldplay took her place and even performed her single “Can’t Get You Outta My Head” as a tribute to her. Minogue showed her thanks by having lead singer Chris Martin perform that song together this time around. Minogue had an emotional moment during her set and said, “In 2005 I was meant to be here on this very stage and circumstances meant that I didn’t make it, I wish things were different but life is what it is right? We are here together in this moment.”

Minogue posted the performances on her Instagram, which can be seen below.