Watch: Lake Superior’s Frozen Surface Washing Ashore Is Magical

Have you ever seen ice move like this?

If you live in the great white north, you have probably seen a frozen lake or two in your lifetime.

But this video of ice stacking (shot by RadiantSpiritGallery)- it’s nothing short of spectacular. With the mild winter we have had this year, Lake Superior has experienced thinner ice than usual. This has resulted in what is called “ice stacking,” waves pulling ice in and out, looking like broken glass.


But a photo doesn’t do the natural beauty justice. The movement and sounds of the ice breaking and crashing onto the shore is absolutely mesmerizing. It may be cold out there, but you have to admit, winter can be a beautiful season.


You can watch mother nature take its course in the player above.

Photo courtesy of Aaron Molina via Flickr.