Watch: Lana Del Rey Covers Leonard Cohen’s ‘Chelsea Hotel No. 2’

Lana performed alongside Leonard Cohen's son, Adam Cohen

Last night a memorial concert was held in honour of the legendary Leonard Cohen, who passed away one year ago. The show included performances by Feist, Elvis Costello, and Sting. There was also a beautiful duet between Lana Del Rey and Leonard Cohen’s son, Adam Cohen, who co-produced his father’s last album.

Del Rey originally recorded a cover of the song ‘ “Chelsea Hotel No. 2” back in 2013. After Cohen’s death, Lana Del Rey voiced her grievances on Instagram, writing “Not that it would’ve mattered to ya, it’s just that other than Bob and Joan you were the only person I ever really felt spoke my language.” You can check out the live performance below.

Lana & Adam / Chelsea Hotel

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You can also watch Lana’s original cover of ‘Chelsea Hotel No. 2’ below.