Watch: large group of teens show the ease of fare evasion on TTC

The transit services loses millions of dollars yearly

It’s pretty easy to avoid paying to get on the TTC lately, considering the transit service loses millions of dollars to fare evaders yearly. Now, a video of a group of teens shows has surfaced on the internet, and it shows how easy it is to evade fares, especially with the new Presto gates.

According to an auditor general’s report, $50 to $60 million has been lost in revenue because of fare evasion. The brief clip, which surfaced on Reddit yesterday, shows one person pay for a single Presto tap, when they’re then followed by about ten other people, which would be a loss of about $30 in just one fare evasion instance.

Check out the clip below.

Mass TTC Fare Evasion Filmed by Teens from r/toronto