Watch: Laura Lefebvre shares cinematic new clip for ‘FLASHBACK’

Her sophomore EP 'La Terre est plate' drops on April 23

While readying the release of her sophomore EP, La Terre est plate, which is set for release on April 23rd, Laura Lefebvre has shared a cinematic new clip for “FLASHBACK.”

The stunning, dreamy new track comes packed with an ambient instrumental and a driven beat, that explodes into a propulsive chorus, as Lefebvre delivers some silky vocals. The accompanying video is equally beautiful, with cinematic, hazy shots of Lefebvre making her way through a forest, as her eyes occasionally flash purple.

“A summer of intense heat, a desire for an ice-cold treat, the hand reaching for the metal handle of the freezer and, at the same time, lightning hitting the floor; it’s a shock,” Lefebvre explains. “From that day on, visions of the future, revelations of a past life and a psychic gift come to light. This is a true story, believe it or not. It is the one Laura Lefebvre lived on that famous evening of July 28, 2018. This event goes down in history, in this song with a strange synopsis and electro sounds. The piece surprises with its irregular shape and its refrains with a vortex trajectory where one projects oneself accompanied by sounds of transformed violins and a back beat reminiscent of the 80s. A timeless trip.”

Watch the video for “FLASHBACK” below.