Watch: Learn how dragons get created in behind the scenes feature about ‘Game of Thrones’ visual effects

Go behind the scenes of the hit HBO series

Gearing up for the final season of Game of Thrones, which is set for release on April 14th, HBO has teased the show’s return with “A Story in Visual Effects,” a behind the scenes feature about the creation of their special effects.

The clip sees VFX producer Steve Kullback and VFX Supervisor Joe Bauer explaining how dragons and other fantastical creatures come to life on television. The video unveils how layers and layers of effects are created in each scene, and we even get a glimpse at how they create the dragons that star Emilia Clarke rides. “We’re pushing boundaries here all the time,” Bauer explains in the video. “All eyes are on us and we’re trying to do things that nobody’s done before.”

Watch how the visual effects are made for Game of Thrones below.