Watch: Left At London shows you how to make your very own Mitski song in hilarious new video

Learn How to Make a Mitski Song with these hilariously accurate tips

Left At London is a Singer-songwriter and artist who is known for publishing music on SoundCloud and creating parodies of artists’ signature sound and style of music. This time, Left at London made a hilarious how-to that was inspired by artist Mitski on Twitter.

In the video, she teaches you how to make a happy song and a sad song, while singing about something mundane and contrasting it with an inability to get a kiss, followed by a soft voice. She breaks down the structure, the beat, the melody, and adds in distorted guitars and a synth solo. By the end of the video, her unique rendition sounds just like Mitski song. Even Mitski herself tweeted Left At London for her parody.

Watch the “How to Make A Mitski Song Below.”