Watch: Leon Bridges’ Baltimore Uprising Influenced Video for “River”

A story of healing through spirituality

Leon Bridges is at the forefront of the soul revival movement for good reason.

The Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter’s new video is a work of art about that tells a compelling story of overcoming struggle. The gospel-inspired song sends a message of hope through spiritual lyrics.

The video was filmed in Baltimore and takes a lot of inspiration from the Baltimore Uprising, protests that took place when 25-year-old Freddie Gray died after he was violently assaulted and arrested by Baltimore police.

On Bridges’s Instagram he said, “My goal was to write a song about my personal spiritual experience. It was written during a time of real depression in my life and I recall sitting in my garage trying to write a song which reflected this struggle.

Bridges said that the best way to “visually represent this universal battle” was to incorporate the depiction of black communities in the media and his life experiences. According to Bridges, rivers have been used in gospel music to symbolize change and redemption.

I want this video to be a message of light. I believe it has the power to change and heal those that are hurting,” said Bridges.

Click the video above to watch.