Watch: Liam Gallagher performs ‘Gas Panic’ with former Oasis guitarist Bonehead

He also played Oasis hits like 'Acquiesce,' 'Supersonic,' and 'Roll With It'

Last night, Liam Gallagher performed at Cardiff’s Motorpoint Arena, where he played “Gas Panic” with former Oasis guitarist Bonehead.

The concert saw Gallagher performing a selection of Oasis hits like “Acquiesce,” “Supersonic,” and “Roll With It,” along with solo tracks like “Shock Waves,” “Wall of Glass,” and “Greedy Soul.” The performance of “Gas Panic” was definitely a standout, as two Oasis bandmembers reunited for a killer rendition of the track.

Watch Gallagher perform “Gas Panic” with Bonehead below.