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Watch: Lido Pimienta shares stunning video for new track ‘Nada (feat. Li Saumet)’

Colombian artist Lido Pimienta has shared a stunning video for her new track “Nada,” which features Li Saumet.

The new Paz Ramirez-directed video reflects on power and the strain of motherhood, with clips of Pimienta and Saumet floating in the water in beautiful white gowns, carrying babies in the forest, and singing along to the track with their hair braided together.

Shot in Costeño Beach, Colombia, the video truly reflects Pimienta’s inspiration for the track, which she says is that “[Women] carry our pain, like a memory, like an illness, like punch, like wound. … It hurts to be one of us. It hurts when you are of the water, of the sun and the mountain, it hurts when you are not the mainstream one, you have to survive, not live.”

Watch the video for “Nada” below.

Pimienta’s forthcoming album Miss Colombia drops on April 17th via ANTI.

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