Watch: Lido Pimienta unveils powerful video for new track ‘No Pude’

The track marks her first new music since 2016's 'La Papessa'

Colmbia-born, Toronto-based musician Lido Pimienta has made her return with a video for her new track called “No Pude.”

“No pude means: I could not. In the context of the song it means something to the effect of, ‘I am tired of trying,'” Pimienta explains in a statement. “The words speak directly to the sense of dread and constant anxiety my home country gives me. ‘No Pude’ sums up the love / hate relationship I have with Colombia. I hold Colombia close to my heart and my soul, but that love turns into rage and shame as fast as a match takes to burn.”

The silky track is driven by a booming beat as Pimienta’s smooth, almost eerie vocals take the lead. The accompanying Fitto Segura-directed video, which features art direction from Orly Anan, is powerful in its visuals, with Pimienta sitting in a bed of roses interspersed with clips of her dressed in black in front of a black rose in a case that rivals that of Beauty and the Beast.

Listen to “No Pude” below.