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Watch: Lightman Jarvis Ecstatic Band release video for new single ‘Nymphea’

Yves Jarvis and Romy Lightman are readying their collaborative debut album as Lightman Jarvis Ecstatic Band, Banned, which is out on June 25th via Flemish Eye. To preview the collection, they’ve shared a video for their new track, “Nymphea.”

The new track “was written beside jagged water lilies suspended over emerald swamp rhizomes; tiny mystics domes foaming intricate hiss lake hiccup spit floating amorphous euphoric masses of wild hearts secreting white orifices arched and thrusted towards the light and spread out like across the lake,” Jarvis and Lightman explain of the nature surrounding the place that the song was inspired by. “[The song is] an ode to erotic wonder; wandering the elastic nomadic plains where home is a far off floating flower and tethered by an encoded longing an ecstatic refrain.”

“Nymphea” is a silky, psychedelic-tinged track warps in and out of their dreamy harmonies. The accompanying video comes packed with trippy shots of the duo immersed in stunning landscapes, singing along to the tune as a snake crawls across Lightman.

Watch the video for “Nymphea” below.

The forthcoming collaborative album was recorded at Tree Museum, an outdoor art gallery in rural Ontario that has been hosting residencies for sculptors over the last 20 years.

Check out the tracklist for Banned below.

Banned Tracklist:

01 – “Olamim”
02 – “Ancient Chain”
03 – “Recurring Theme”
04 – “Red Champa”
05 – “Trillium”
06 – “Nymphea”
07 – “Bone of a Hound”
08 – “Ein Sof”
09 – “Lift My Heart”
10 – “Elastic Band”
11 – “Becoming”
12 – “Mother’s Rope”
13 – “Slick Oil”
14 – “Stomach Pit”
15 – “Tomb of the Patriarchs”

Lead photo courtesy of Jeff Bierk.

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