WATCH: Lights Releases Music Video for “Running With The Boys”

Raina stars in Lights' summery new video

Lights released a brand new video for her song “Running with the Boys” that features a familiar face.

The electro-pop track takes the Timmons, Ontario-born songstress back to her youth. She says:

“‘Running With the Boys’ is about being a kid again, and that sort of innocence and imagination that made life so exciting. As an adult, you know a lot more, and in the music industry that’s sometimes a little crippling when it comes to creativity. For the creation of this album, I had to look back at that a little bit and enjoy making music again.”

The clip also stars the lovely Indie88 host, Raina. Check out the full video for “Running With The Boys” here via Much Music.

You might spot these mega babes (and my best frands) in the new #RunningWithTheBoys vid.

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Little Machines is out now on Universal.