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Watch: L’Impératrice share live video for new track ‘Voodoo’

Parisian outfit L’Impératrice have shared a live video for their light-hearted new track, “Voodoo.”

The new track is a call to let go of the fear of looking foolish. With energetic guitar lines, a groovy bass, and dreamy vocals, this track is sure to get you dancing.

“The dance floor is the mirror of our social ease and our relationship to our body,” L’Impératrice explain in a statement. “But a dance floor is also a place out of time, out of norms, and ironically, the people who dance very ‘badly,’ who break free and let themselves go, are the ones you notice and admire.”

Watch the video for “VOODOO” below.

L’Impératrice are going on a virtual Worldwide tour of 10 live-streamed tour, which you can check out here.

Lead photo courtesy of Gabrielle Riouah.

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