Watch: Local Natives Share ‘Dark Days’ Video

Featuring footage of the making of 'Sunlight Youth'

Local Natives shared a video for “Dark Days,” featuring footage from the making of their most recent album Sunlight Youth.

“Dark Days is a bit of a misleading name,” they wrote on Facebook. “It’s a nostalgic song about high school first loves and all the intensity and tension surrounding them, mixed with a little dose of religious guilt.”

As southern Californians, they didn’t have much sun, so for them “‘Dark Days’ brought to mind good memories of swimming on rainy days and sneaking out to your girlfriend’s house.”

The video is composed of footage from the past two years, during the period where they wrote Sunlight Youth. “Instead of just going to a “proper studio” in LA, we used most of our recording budget to travel and work in some beautiful locations. Our friend Jonathan came along and filmed us in Thailand, Malaysia, Joshua Tree, Ojai, Nicaragua and London.”

Check out the video below: