Watch: Lowell shares visualizer for new track ‘God Is A Fascist’

Following the release of her recent single 'Lemonade'

Following her return with the release of “Lemonade,” Lowell has shared a visualizer for her new single “God Is A Fascist.”

The new pop ballad comes packed with moody instrumentals that allow Lowell’s poetic lyricism to shine, as she delivers lines like, “God is a fascist/ And he holds all the cards/ He brought us together/ Just to keep us apart.”

“This song is very near and dear to me,” Lowell explains. “Written at a low point in both my career and my relationship, it’s simply about feeling like you belong together and being forced to be apart, which I think a lot of people can relate to at the moment. “Some people might feel a bit offended by the title, but it really isn’t this anti-religion statement. It’s simply a symbol of the helplessness I was feeling in my life at the time- that feeling like life is laid out for you whether you like it or not.”

Watch the visualizer for “God Is A Fascist” below.