Watch: M.I.A. addresses refugee crisis in new video for “Borders”

Political rapper self-directs her newest sobering video

M.I.A.’s new single follows her usual fashion: a catchy mix of Eastern and Western influence, accompanied by strong lyrics critiquing the modern world.

In her 2005 single “Pull Up The People”, she strikes against the government and their surveillance of citizens. Other songs bring light to the government’s lack of action in various crises. She has always been political, and her latest release of “Borders” is no different.

This self-directed video features her following the life-threatening journey of Syrian refugees into Europe, complete with over-crowded boats and climbing dangerously high wire fences. “Your goals / Being bae / Making money / Breaking internet” she sings, while footage of fleeing refugees crosses the screen. The juxtaposition aims to put pop culture fascinations into perspective.

Having full control (being the editor and director of the video), M.I.A. was able to address an issue she’s passionately involved with. “Borders” is actually the latest installation of an ongoing project shes been working on which focuses on the concept of ‘borders’. To see more about her project, you can check out her blog.

Take a second and see things under a new light. Check out the video in the player above.