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Watch: Mac DeMarco Play Jenga with Shamir

Recently, Mac DeMarco, the Canadian indie king sat down with indie-pop newbie Shamir on a quaint rooftop patio somewhere in Brooklyn. The two got together to have a quiet night in to drink beers, eat popcorn and play Jenga. Sounds nice right?

Both artists have been having a busy summer for music releases lately. Shamir, who kicked off summer with the release of his first feature length LP Rachet has been not so quietly making waves everywhere. DeMarco on the other hand, has been building anticipation for the release of his mini-LP Another One, which comes out early August. Both took the time to sit down with Complex for a relaxed night to chat about the non-issue issues. Shamir, who has been a super fan of DeMarco since he was younger, asks Mac about starting smoking, switching bodies, and meeting for the first time. The two quirky musicians make for a pretty amusing conversation, all while masterly playing Jenga.

Check out the video below:

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