Watch: Man Clings To Car Travelling 100 km/h in Toronto Road Rage Incident

'Just hold on to the hood and wiper blades, and hope he doesn't swerve'

A Scarborough man is facing charges stemming from an alleged road rage incident that left another man dangling from a car hood travelling nearly 100 km/h on Highway 404. The incident was captured on a dashcam by a passing vehicle.

Dave Yeomans, the man who was clinging to the vehicle, said he was carried about 500 metres before the driver slammed on the brakes. “I guess trying to slide me off the hood,” he told CBC. Yeomans was thinking “‘Just hold on to the hood and wiper blades, and hope he doesn’t swerve.'”

The incident started after Yeomans wouldn’t allow another vehicle to merge in front of him. Yeomans told CBC that the other driver eventually got out of his car at a traffic stop and threw a tool box at him. Yeomans then got out of his car to take a photo of the driver’s license plate.

Yeomans said the driver then sped towards him, forcing him to jump onto the hood to avoid being struck.

A spokesperson for the Ontario Provincial Police’s highway safety division referred to the incident as the “most extreme type of aggressive driving I’ve ever seen.”

Image via Flickr/Danielle_Scott