Watch: Marilyn Manson as a Native American Hitman in New Trailer

The metal rocker shows off his acting chops

Marilyn Manson stars alongside Sons of Anarchy‘s Mark Boone Junior in the upcoming crime film Let Me Make You A Martyr. The musician plays Pope, a Native American hitman who lives on an Oklahoma swamp.

Manson and Boone met on Sons, and Manson was brought into the project by co-writer/director Boone — his “unwanted mentor.” Also in the cast are Niko Nicotera and Sam Quartin.

The story is that of all-around scumbag Larry Glass (Boone), who hires Pope to murder his rebellious adult adopted son (Nicotera), who’s fallen in love with his adopted sister (Quartin). Check out the creepy trailer above.

Manson calls the film a cross between Texas Chain Saw Massacre and Apocalypse Now, and says he was able to get quickly into his character because of his real-life Sioux heritage.

The film is set to come out some time next year.