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Watch: Marina reveals politically-charged video for ‘To Be Human’

After surprise releasing LOVE, the first half of her double record LOVE + FEAR, Marina has revealed a politically-charged video for her single “To Be Human.”

The new clip is an inspiring compilation of footage of Black Lives Matter protests, LGBTQ+ marches, historical war clips, and significant cultural events, all interspersed with Marina singing along to the track. The emotive video fits “To Be Human” perfectly, as Marina sings spurring lyrics like, “The missiles and the bombs sound like symphonies gone wrong/ And if there is a God, they’ll know why it’s so hard.”

“Thematically, ‘To Be Human’ sums up the head space that I’ve come from in the past three years,” Marina explains in a statement. “The subject matter is really important. I talk about unity, name checking a lot of places around the world to create this picture of humanity because in our current political climate we are constantly being made to see different people as ‘other’ and I hate that.”

Watch the video for “To Be Human” below.

FEAR, the second half of the record, is set for release alongside the complete double LP on April 26th.

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