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WATCH: Matt Damon Pranks Pedestrians Bourne Style

Watch as Matt Damon elaborately pranks everyday people by allowing them to be a spy for the day. The video starts off with a man passing off a mysterious phone to a stranger with instructions to answer the phone. Then the phone rings. What follows is a slew of random tasks that seem vague enough to be somewhat legitimate but ultimately are completely ridiculous.

One man upon hearing the call just throws down the phone and walks away. Another woman when asked by the unknown caller if they could speak Steven, ponders if that was someone she hooked up.  If they completed the tasks correctly they were led to Damon who gave them tickets to the premiere of his new movie.

The video was produced in preparation for the release of Matt Damon’s new film and the fifth in the Bourne series titles Jason Bourne. It was also used to help raise money for Omaze a water charity.

Watch it for yourself above.

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