Watch: Matt Mays shares new ‘Ola Volo (Acoustic)’ video

Singer-songwriter just released new stripped-back LP Twice Upon a Hell of a Time…

Singer-songwriter Matt Mays has kept busy of the past year-plus, releasing his first new full-length LP since 2012’s Coyote with Once Upon a Hell of a Time…, and following that up with the arrival of his brand new re-imagined take on the aforementioned record, Twice Upon a Hell of a Time…

Mays has rolled out a new video for “Ola Volo (Acoustic),” which he shot on location in Hawaii.

“I shot this little video on a little surf trip I took to the north shore of Oahu last winter,” Mays wrote in the YouTube description for the video. “It’s a little rough around the edges but I like it that way. I had a lot of fun making the lil’ thing. It makes me wanna go back. Enjoy!”

“Ola Volo” was inspired by a Vancouver-based mural artist of the same name, who also created the original album art for both records.

Check out the track list to Matt Mays’ Twice Upon a Hell of a Time… below.

1. Trust Life
2. Sentimental Sins
3. Faint Of Heart
4. Drive On
5. Howl At The Night
6. NYC Girls
7. Dark Promises
8. Perfectly Wasted
9. Drunken Angels
10. Ola Volo
11. 78s 33s 45s
12. Station Out Of Range
13. Never Say Never

Image via Devin McLean