Watch Matthew Perry Talk About The Time He Beat Up Justin Trudeau

Perry admits he was jealous of Trudeau's sports skills

Canadian-American actor Matthew Perry, best known for his role as Chandler Bing on Friends, appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live show Wednesday night and confessed to beating up Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Attending the same elementary school, Perry admitted that he and a friend, in fifth grade at the time, beat up the current PM because he was excelling in a sport they apparently were not very good at.

Although not proud of the act, Perry jokingly says he feels he was “instrumental in him (Trudeau) going to such great heights and becoming the Prime Minister.”

We’re not so sure if getting beat up encouraged Trudeau to work towards becoming the PM of Canada, but I think we’d all love to hear his side of the story now.

Hopefully these two guys can meet and make up.

Check out the full interview below!