Watch: METZ returns with a pumped up music video for their new track ‘Dry Up’

Metz looks back into the past with 'Dry Up'

Canadian rock band METZ returns this summer with their new album Automat, which will feature tracks from 2009. They have offered up a sneak peek at the collection with their new single “Dry Up.”

“Dry Up” is explosive, with a mix of guitar and drums, along with a music video that showcases pictures of METZ during live shows, behind the scenes, traveling, and more. It is basically an epic slideshow album of pictures played to the pumped up tune of “Dry Up.”

Frontman Alex Edkins mentions that the band has been together for over 10 years and together they are always looking forward towards the future. This music video gives them a chance to look back on the years and into the past. “The video for ‘Dry Up,’ as well as the Automat album, is an attempt to pause, take a breath, look backward and take stock of our past,” Edkins explains. “It’s intended to express how grateful we are to be able to do what we do. It’s a love letter to the incredible places we’ve traveled, the beautiful people we’ve met, to community, music, and friendship.”

Watch METZ’s video for “Dry Up” Below.

Their album Automat will be released on July 12th through Sub Pop. METZ plans to support the release of the album by going on tour in Europe.