Watch: METZ share dystopian video for new single ‘Blind Youth Industrial Park’

'Atlas Vending' is set for release on October 9

While gearing up for the release of Atlas Vending, which is set to drop on October 9th, METZ have shared a video for their new single “Blind Youth Industrial Park.”

The new dystopian clip, which was shot in New Zealand, follows a woman as she drags an injured companion on a stretcher while being followed by a group of armed soldiers.

“I started thinking of the feeling of war or samurai films, beautiful but dark and violent… but then I had this idea to work up a more unique world,” director Dylan Pharazyn explains. “I started to think of a more futuristic setting – more unusual and dream-like with the story set on a distant planet where there is future technology and some kind of alien magic… like a futuristic fable.”

Watch the video for “Blind Youth Industrial Park” below.