Watch: METZ share tribute to skateboarding with new black-and-white video for ‘Sugar Pill’

A captivating new clip for their 'Atlas Vending' track

Canadian punk rockers METZ have released a black-and-white video for their recent single “Sugar Pill.”

The new Shayne Ehman-directed video for their Atlas Vending track serves as a tribute to skateboarding, packed with captivating clips of people doing tricks in some scenic spots. On top of all that, most of it was filmed in some pretty harsh climates, but snow and wind can’t stop the skaters in these shots.

“Skateboarding feels great. We love to skate. The birds need to sing, we need to skate,” Ehman explains. “I hope the winter skateboarding footage carries with it some of the love we have for skateboarding. I hope it contains a spirit of perseverance and the will to make it happen. Come wind, ice, or stormy weather, we shovel snow, we torch frost, we skate.

Watch the “Sugar Pill” video below.

Atlas Vending was released back in October, and comes packed with some killer noise rock anthems.

“Change is inevitable if you’re lucky,” frontman Alex Edkins explains of the album. “Our goal is to remain in flux, to grow in a natural and gradual way. We’ve always been wary to not overthink or intellectualize the music we love but also not satisfied until we’ve accomplished something that pushes us forward.”