Watch: MF Tomlinson releases whimsical video for new single ‘Nietzsche’s Day Off’

A quirky video for the fun-loving track

MF Tomlinson has released a quirky, whimsical clip for his new single “Nietzche’s Day Off.”

The new track revolves around a jaunty instrumental, silky vocals, and fun-loving lyricism, as Tomlinson delivers lines like, “His mama called the cops/ Said ‘officer, my boy is lost’/ The chief said we had him in cell 3B, but he was bailed out by Van Gogh.”

“The video brings the song’s narrative to life as it follows the influential 19th century philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche as he decides to take the day off being serious,” according to a press release. “As other famously serious people from throughout history race to join him, they drink magic mushroom tea, sink some ice-cold beers, and have a truly cosmic time.”

Watch the video for “Nietzche’s Day Off” below.

Lead photo courtesy of Nali.