Watch: Mitski lets go in new live video for ‘Drunk Walk Home’

"I wanted to put this video out as a goodbye to this old set"

Mitski has released a live video of “Drunk Walk Home” from her four-night run at Brooklyn Steel in New York at the end of 2018, and it shows the artist really losing herself to the powerful, consuming track.

The Derrick Belcham-created video sees the singer-songwriter as she emphatically waves her hands and almost convulses to the track, screaming “Fuck you and your money!” Mitski’s rendition of “Drunk Walk Home” in this clip is intense, rambunctious, and jaw-droppingly powerful as she throws her body across the stage, singing lyrics like, “And I sit on the curb ’cause it’s the prettiest night/ With no one else in sight/ You know I wore this dress for you.”

Watch Mitski perform “Drunk Walk Home” live below.

Mitski asked Belcham to capture the clip, “Mostly to commemorate the first big Be The Cowboy tour, especially since I knew we wouldn’t repeat the same set again after that round of tours,” she explains in a statement. “Now that we’ve started to tour a new set this year, I wanted to put this video out as a goodbye to this old set, and a thank you to everyone who came to the shows last year.”