Watch: Montreal psych-pop outfit Hippie Hourrah share video for debut single ‘Fantôme’

Their debut album is set for release in June 2021

Montreal psych-pop outfit Hippie Hourrah have made their debut with a video for their first-ever single, “Fantôme.”

Taken from their forthcoming album, the trippy new tune comes packed with shimmering synths and wailing, wavering guitar lines alongside captivating, retro vocals. The accompanying Joey Desjardins-directed and illustrated video that sees a third eye opening up to a form of unknown consciousness, with pink and red illustrations of psychedelic images.

“When I met (band member) Cédric Marinelli, he showed me the medal hanging from his neck,” Desjardins explains. “It had a sun with an eye in the center of it. Cedric told me that each member of the band wears one, and they really enjoy this type of occult imagery. I really like these kinds of esoteric knick-knacks, which is reflected in the tone of the video. Since I loved the song and had wanted to create a psychedelic ghost tale for a while, there was a click. Gabriel Favreau (the animator and editor of the video) and I were really on the same page, which allowed us to quickly construct this spectral, hallucinatory journey.”

Watch the video for “Fantôme” below.

Their debut album is set for release in June 2021 via Simone Records.