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Watch: Montreal queer artist Fernie shares video for debut single ‘All My Wishes’

Montreal queer artist Fernie has shared a video for his debut single, “All My Wishes.” The track comes from his debut album, Aurora, which is out on September 24th.

Clocking in just under two minutes, the track revolves around a soft guitar line. The silky instrumentals allows Fernie’s dreamy, captivating vocals to take the lead. Fernie may be new on the scene, but his vocals channel nuance and experience. The accompanying video sees Fernie in a purple suit, performing along to the track in front of a white background.

“‘All My Wishes’ is a song about accepting the past for what it is and opening your heart for what the future can still give you,” Fernie explains. “It’s all about finding the balance between being able to let go and move on.”

Watch the video for “All My Wishes” below.

Hailing from the West Island, Fernie is a member of R’n’B / Neo soul collective and label, Kids From The Underground. The Brazilian-Canadian artist is inspired by soulful acts like Frank Ocean and Daniel Caesar. He aims to let his vulnerable lyrics take the forefront, while delivering enchanting melodies.

Fernie has been singing since he was a child, and in 2015 he self-wrote and produced The Acoustic EP. The collection was released on Soundcloud, and was particularly popular in Montreal.

“The literary definition of Aurora is the dawn,” a press release explains. “That idea really plays itself through the entire album as the project is mostly about accepting to leave your past behind, finding hope and really highlighting the struggles of believing in one’s self. It’s about accepting growth and being in touch with your own awareness. This album is more than just the music itself, it’s about reaching out, it’s about connection, loss, obsession.”

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