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Watch: Montreal’s Ormiston shares lyric visualizer for reflective new track ‘Step From The Limelight’

Following the release of “Rebel,” Montreal indie pop artist Ormiston has shared a lyric visualizer for his new track, “Step From The Limelight.”

The new track tells the tale of someone who is scared of getting caught in the cycle of monotony, as Ormiston sings of trying to escape the limelight. With psychedelic instrumentals and dreamy wailing vocals, “Step From The Limelight” feels reminiscent of trippy alt pop acts like Tame Impala. The accompanying visualizer comes packed with retro, video game-like animations.

“The phrase ‘I could never step from the limelight’ reminds us that we are continually pushed to play a role in an act that is not our own,” Ormiston explains, “forcing us to forget who we really are and to put on the mask that will please what others think of us.”

Watch the video for “Step From The Limelight” below.

Lead photo courtesy of Stacy Lee.

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