Watch: Moses Sumney shares new track ‘Monumental’ as part of a new Thom Browne campaign

As part of the new Thom Browne Spring 2021 preview

Moses Sumney has shared a new track called “Monumental” as part of a new Thom Browne campaign.

The track is Sumney’s very own interpretation of Spyridon Samaras and Kostis Palamas’ “Olympic Hymn,” and it comes accompanied by a black-and-white clip starring and directed by Sumney. The video sees Sumney singing the song on a pedestal, resembling a marble statue.

“What does it mean to pose statuesque on top of a marble podium, at a time when statues across the world – long-standing symbols of white supremacy – are literally being toppled?” Sumney asks. “What does it mean to appropriate the Greco-Roman statue, a long-standing placeholder of white male virility and beauty, and replace it with my Black body? A body that has historically been disregarded as far less beautiful and in more recent years, objectified? What does it mean to objectify myself?”

Listen to Sumney’s reinterpretation of “Olympic Hymn” below.