Watch: Mumford & Sons perform at intimate record store shows, reflect on career in ’12 Years Strong’

Learn about Mumford & Sons' journey in this six-minute Vevo short

A new six-minute Vevo short titled 12 Years Strong sees Mumford & Sons looking back on their career so far and performing a few tracks in record stores across America.

“I can just tell you what we’re feeling now and that best summarizes our sort of journey together,” frontman Marcus Mumford says in the mini documentary. The clip comes packed with montages of the indie folk outfit performing in arenas, interacting with small audiences in shops like Grimey’s Record Store in Nashville, and a jam session with one of their musical idols, Jerry Douglas.

“We believe in the innate goodness of people and the innate beauty of people, which is why we set this show up so the whole audience is facing each other,” Mumford states in one of their performances. “The ideas is that the audience looks at itself and that it’s less about us a band and more about the coming together of the whole audience.”

Watch 12 Years Strong below.