Watch: Neil Young and Crazy Horse share video for self-isolation recording ‘Shut It Down 2020’

The track comes from 2019's 'Colorado'

Neil Young and Crazy Horse have shared a video for an amazing new recording called “Shut It Down 2020.”

The original track, which comes from 2019’s Colorado, is a new self-isolation rendition of the track. The video comes accompanied by visuals, which were produced by himself and his wife Daryll Hannah.

“These are uncertain times. I wish you all the best as you care for our sick, the young and old who we love so much,” Young explains. “Sending the best wishes to all the health care and government workers all over the world, to all the scientists who will learn and share with us the best ways to ensure survival in our world challenged. Let’s all work together and stay positive that we will find a way. With love to all, in all walks of live, all political persuasions, all colours.”

Watch the video for “Shut It Down 2020” below.