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Watch: Netflix drops a supercut of all 560 F-bombs from ‘Uncut Gems’

Under normal circumstances, this would be completely unnecessary. In the middle of 2020 and a COVID-19 pandemic, though, we’re happy to welcome a supercut of all 560 utterances of “Fuck” from Adam Sandler’s Netflix Original film, Uncut Gems.

The 2019 film earned rave reviews for Sandler’s performance as jeweler and gambler Howard Ratner.

So, without further ado, here are all 560 instances where the F-bomb is dropped in Uncut Gems over the course of its 135-minute runtime.

For those counting at home, Uncut Gems features the fourth most uses of “fuck” and other variations of the word. In first place on the all-time list is the Canadian film Swearnet: The Movie (935), followed by the 2005 documentary F*ck (857), and The Wolf of Wall Street (569).

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