Watch: New Edward Sharpe Video “Life Is Hard”

"Life Is Hard" gets it's Rolling Stone Video premiere.

As you can probably remember, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros recently cut singer Jade Castrinos from their summer tour. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Alex Ebert opened up about what it was like to perform without her:

It was kind of daunting and frightening at first. The first show without her, in particular, was sort of like, “Wow, OK, I haven’t been onstage without Jade in years, and I’ve come to depend on her as my partner.” I felt like I had to step up my abilities and really focus and go beyond where I had been taking the shows in the past, and it’s really been amazing, it’s been truly, truly amazing. When we get up there it’s just on fire, and I don’t really realize anything is different.

The band also premiered “Life Is Hard”, a haunting and eerie music video featuring clips of historical events and the band playing.

Alex said of the video:

It’s such a small slice of history, but it’s so much aggravation and pain and trauma. And yet, there’s beauty in it somewhere, in the in-between moments, in the lives and the existence and the survival itself. Enduring itself is beautiful. That’s why I felt like the imagery and the song spoke to each other on some level.

You can read the full interview here and watch the video down below.