Watch: New Music Video & Album News From Foals

Foals is getting gritty in their latest music video

After the briefest of teasers hinting that new music was on the way, English indie rockers Foals have just dropped their newest single “What Went Down” and its accompanying music video.

Frontman Yannis Philippakis has said the band is trying to get closer to their live sound than they’ve ever been before, and what’s to come is a lot “dirtier and scuzzier” than their previous tunes.

The video for the album’s lead single “What Went Down” is interesting, to say the least. Beware, it’s a little graphic: a couple people are in pretty dire life-threatening situations. Check it out below:

After the success of their 2013’s Holy Fire, Foals has got some big shoes to fill for their fourth album. What Went Down will be out August 28th.