Watch: New Trailer for Netflix Music Mystery Docuseries ‘ReMastered’

Investigating Bob Marley's 1976 Shooting

Netflix’s ReMastered is an investigative documentary exploring music’s biggest mysteries. A trailer just came out for the first episode “Who Shot the Sheriff?,” which explores the attempted assassination of Bob Marley.

ReMastered will be look into eight music mysteries starting on October 12th, with one episode airing every month until May 2019.

The first episode “Who Shot The Sheriff?” looks at the 1976 attack against Marley, which took place at his mansion in Kingston, Jamaica days before he was set to perform at a large concert for peace.

Watch the trailer below.

In the trailer an unknown voice asks, “Why would anybody want to hurt Bob?” ReMastered suggests the answer has to do with Jamaica’s political tension in the mid-1970s. After the attempted murder, Marley only sustained minor injuries and went on to perform at the Smile Jamaica concert anyway.

Later episodes of the show will look into the 2002 murder of Run-DMC’s Jam Master Jay, the 1964 death of soul legend Sam Cooke, and more.