Watch: Nick Flessa shares new video for country-disco track ‘The Investors’

From his 2020 collection 'Hey Partner'

Nick Flessa has shared a new video for his country-disco tune, “The Investors.”

The captivating new clip was co-produced by Flessa and experimental videographer Rasterbahn / Campbell Logan. In the video for “The Investors,” the pair try to create a “guillotine karaoke,” to reflect a sort of anti-corporatist fantasy, using animation, stock footage, and singalong moments to offer a perfectly-peculiar, thought-provoking piece of art.

“This video and song addresses the injustices perpetrated by a neoliberal system that exploits and punishes everyone except the wealthy and pushes our planet further towards climate catastrophe,” Flessa and Campbell explain. “We see injustice in the complacent way the art world has served as a weapon of class warfare by valuing the investments of the rich, luxury class over its own artists and workers. We imagine art as something more than a tax write-off for the ultra-wealthy; we wonder if we can apply our skills to fight injustice by building an animated guillotine. In a world of bankrupt promises of prosperity and endless greedy resource extraction where the Big Dog’s office is way larger than our austere abodes, decapitating the unjust system may be the only meaningful investment we can make.”

Watch the video for “The Investors” below.

Lead photo courtesy of Mario Luna.