Watch: Nicolas Michaux releases video for new track ‘Enemies’

'Amour Colère' drops on September 25, 2020

While gearing up for the release of his sophomore album Amour Colère, which drops on September 25th, Nicolas Michaux has shared a video for his new track “Enemies.”

“When you turn 30 and have a child, being broke becomes less and less fun,” Michaux explains. “At the time of writing, we were looking for a place to live and the violence of the housing market took me by the throat. In writing about slavery, Margurite Yourcenar said that a regime is often most excessive in its cruelty and injustice in its last days. I sometimes get the impression that it’s the same kind of historical scenario we are currently experiencing with the slow agony of capitalism.”

Watch the video for “Enemies” below.