Watch: Noel Gallagher unveils festive Stephen Graham-starring video for ‘Wandering Star’

'Blue Moon Rising' is set for release on March 6

Noel Gallagher has shared a video for his recently released single “Wandering Star.”

The festive new clip sees The Irishman actor Stephen Graham playing a cigarette-smoking Santa that helps a woman, played by his wife Hanna Walters, steal Christmas presents for her kids. In the video, Graham and Walters flee from the store, presents in hand, and eventually offer up a gift to a homeless man.

The clip isn’t “anti-Christmas,” according to Dan Cadan. He “wanted to highlight the plight that can affect people” during the holiday season, Caden explains. “The pressures from commercial bombardment and consumerist society, for a single-parent who will stop at nothing to ensure their kids feel the magic that so many take for granted.”

Watch the video for “Wandering Star” below.

Gallagher’s forthcoming EP Blue Moon Rising is set for release on March 6th.