Watch: Of Monsters and Men release spooky new video for ‘Wild Roses’

The video was inspired by Scandinavian horror films

Of Monsters and Men have released a spooky new video for “Wild Roses,” which is inspired by Scandinavian horror films.

The brief clip sees frontwoman Nanna swirling in an abandoned swimming pool at night, with bleached out eyebrows as she sings lines like, “Dim the lights, we’re wild eyes, and you got me now.” Throughout the video, the singer moves peculiarly in the water, with an eerie, unnerving choreography as water spirals out of the pool.

“‘Wild Roses’ shows an introverted side to the album and is inspired by what it is like to lean into your sadness,” Nanna explains in a statement. “We wanted to capture that feeling in a performance for the music video while bringing out a bit of uneasiness as well. So we brought on choreographer Stella Rosenkranz to help create the movements you see.”

Watch the video for “Wild Roses” below.