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Watch: Ok Go Shot Their Video For “The One Moment” in 4.2 Seconds

For the past decade, indie band OK GO have continually wowed fans with creative, mind-bending music videos. From humble begginings dancing on treadmills to choreographed pieces in zero gravity, each video has been more innovative than the last.

Their latest video is certainly no different. It’s a four minute long video with over 358 actions, but there is a catch? It all happens within 4.2 seconds.

Using precise digital triggers, OK GO were able to map out a series of events that occur at exact moments while balloons burst, paint flies, and guitars explode.

Well actually, to be specific the first three quarters of the song were recorded in 4.2 seconds, broken up by a lip synced section for 16 seconds, followed by another slowed down sequence with bursting guitars that was shot within three seconds. Watch “The One Moment” below:

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