Watch: Operators release meta video for nostalgic new track ‘I Feel Emotion’

Their forthcoming album 'Radiant Dawn' drops on May 17

While gearing up for the release of their sophomore album, Radiant Dawn, Operators have dropped a meta video for their nostalgic new track, “I Feel Emotion,” which sees a set of old school televisions playing clips within the clip itself.

The ambient new track is driven by a catchy, retro synth line and a clicky drum beat as frontmon Dan Boeckner croons wallowing lines overtop. As the track progresses, it builds into a bop-worthy 80s-style tune that longs for the past, while looking toward the future with lyrics like, “I feel so disconnected/ Tossed upon the stormy seas again/ I spend days and nights in nowhere places/ but everywhere is a nowhere place it seems.”

“‘I Feel Emotion’ is a song for anyone who feels like they don’t know how to be alive in the world today,” keyboardist Devojka explained in a statement. “The video we made for ‘I Feel Emotion’ is compound nostalgia. It was inspired by a video installation I saw at an exhibition at MOMA called ‘Toward A Concrete Utopia, Architecture in Yugoslavie 1948-1980.’ The installation was a stack of tv screens playing short loops taken from what looked to be old commercials and footage of people in various states of everydayness.”

Watch the video for “I Feel Emotion” below.

Radiant Dawn is set for release on May 17th, 2019.