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Watch: Ormiston shares ‘Top Of The Pops’-inspired video for groovy track ‘Rebel’

Montreal singer-songwriter and producer Ormiston has shared a new video for his new single, “Rebel.”

“Rebel” is a psychedelic, groove-driven tune that sees Ormiston delivering silky vocals atop a catchy guitar line, offering up lyrics like, “I tried to be right/ I’m afraid it might be the wrong choice/ It’s always the same thing/ Broken mirrors on the floor.” The accompanying Ariel Poupart-directed video comes packed with nostalgic clips of the band performing across multiple TV screens, making for a retro video that matches the energy of the track.

“Along with Ormiston, we decided to go with a Top of the Pops setting for his musical performance,” Poupart explains of the clip. “I loved the texture of the song ‘Rebel’ that felt very analogic to me. I wanted to recreate that same texture through the images and got very inspired by everything that could alter the image. When we settled on using old cathodic televisions as a means to distort and modify the visuals, I got very enthusiastic and so we got 13 of them!”

Watch the video for “Rebel” below.

Lead photo courtesy of JF Suave.

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