Watch: Orville Peck releases video for new track ‘Dead of Night,’ announces debut album

Catch Orville Peack at The Great Hall on April 13

Masked country/post punk hybrid artist Orville Peck has announced the release of his full-length debut album, Pony. In honour of the announcement, Peck has released a video for his new single “Dead of Night.”

The new tune is a combination of ambient shoegaze melodies and classic American country vocals, and it serves as a “torch song about two hustlers traveling through Nevada desert,” according to a press release. The song is from the perspective of Peck, as he’s reminded of the adventures of his young love. The video follows Peck alongside his group of friends, and was even shot on location in Nevada.

Watch the video for “Dead of Night” below.

Pony will be an elaborate collection of tracks that explore heartbreak, revenge, and everything in between, and it’s set for release on March 22nd via Royal Mountain Records and Sub Pop.

Check out the tracklist for Pony below.
Pony Tracklist:

01 – “Dead of Night”
02 – “Winds Change”
03 – “Turn to Hate”
04 – “Buffalo Run”
05 – “Queen of the Radio”
06 – “Kansas (Remembers Me Now)”
07 – “Old River”
08 – “Big Sky”
09 – “Roses Are Falling”
10 – “Take You Back (The Iron Hoof Cattle Call)”
11 – “Hope to Die”
12 – “Nothing Fades Like The Light”