Watch: Owen Pallett New Video for “In Conflict”

New video/short film highlights the quest for human connectedness

The title track from Owen Pallett’s Polaris-nominated album In Conflict is now available in video form and stands as a visual companion to the musical statement Pallett is making with this incredible project.

The visuals are striking – going from a serene lakeside to seedy hotel rooms and beyond, following various characters including Pallett, who are all in various forms of human connection.

Owen Pallet’s recent interview with Nowness, Pallet discusses the song:

“The song is about men; the ghost of my father whispering to me about human desire, and it’s about this moment in your life when you start to recognize that your body is a series of apparatus and you start to covet the bodies of people younger than you. I don’t identify as male, I identify as gender-queer, but I am very sympathetic whenever I see men throwing aside everything they have for the love of somebody new. It’s been the subject of so much poetry.”