Watch: People keep parachuting from Toronto condos

Don't try this at home, kids

Video footage of a man BASE jumping from the top of a highrise condo in Toronto has surfaced this week.

The man, who jumped from the roof of a Humber Bay highrise, has prompted Toronto Police to remind the city that behaviour like this can lead to criminal public mischief charges. According to Constable Allyson Douglas-Cook, this has become increasingly popular around Park Lawn and Lakeshore, with extreme sports lovers calling it “#skydiveparklawn.”

Watch videos of the most recent stunt below.

Allegedly, the man in the videos claims to have completed around 60 jumps with his friends over the past six months in the area.

Douglas-Cook urges for people to stop BASE jumping in the city. “It is the city,” she stated to CBC. “There are buildings, there are obstacles, and regardless of what someone’s ability is, there is always that possibility for danger, things can happen.”