Watch: Pete Davidson stars in exclusive new clip of ‘The Big Lebowski’ sequel ‘The Jesus Rolls’

'The Jesus Rolls' hit select theatres today

The Jesus Rolls, John Turturro’s quasi-sequel spin-off to The Big Lebowski, has hit select theatres today. An exclusive clip from the movie shows Pete Davidson starring in a minor role alongside John Turturro and Bobby Cannavale.

Written and directed by Turtorro, The Jesus Rolls is a remake of the 1974 French comedy Les Valeuses with Turtorro’s Lebowski character Quintana.

The plot follows Quintana once he gets out of prison and reunites with his best friend Petey, played by Cannavale, and the pair go on adventures and steal cars. In this clip, Davidson’s character is released out of prison as well and gets picked up by Quintana and Petey in a stolen car.

Check out the clip from The Jesus Rolls below.

The Jesus Rolls hit select theatres across the Canada and the U.S. today.